Leaving home

The outside world has started to become a place I do not want to be in! Society is scary and flawed in so many ways, for so many reasons.

I always thought that to be my authentic self was to self-isolate and make my decisions outside of the detrimental words of the worlds opinions. To firmly reject a world, that in my opinion, seemed easily fixable.

But I’ve come to realise that nothing is easily fixable, because we are all still children. And what do children do best? Learn through experiencing the world outside of their homes, then returning home to internally compare and analyse with childlike wisdom, what friends and passerbys called ‘truth’ compared to what their parents — their ultimate authority figure — said was true.

Children learn right and wrong from the world, and return back to their private homes to analyse, sift and sort through the information of the day. It is their parent’s standards that ultimately create the lens in which to process the information they first received out in the world beyond their home.

No man is an island. And no decision is made alone. Human beings were created to be influenced by something. It is in the very fabric of our DNA no matter how hard we try to reject this feature in our existence. It is our nature to yearn, search and become intimate with new information, new images and new ways of living.

There has never been a decision made from ‘an island’ containing only my internal information. The only hope I have is to run back to my Father and ask Him to give my the lenses in which to properly observe, define and act on the information I receive from the world around me. That is how I define truth. That is how I become my authentic self.

We are all still children. Whether we’re 9 or 19, 21 or 81. We will always be influenced by the outside world. The onus is on us to go to someone wiser, older and more trustworthy than what we perceive in the world outside.

Who better than a God that predates time and space?

(Literally *the* ultimate Time Keeper. All the Loki’s are shooketh-eth).




I tried to think of something witty, but I just came here to read and write.

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Adura Segun-Akintayo

Adura Segun-Akintayo

I tried to think of something witty, but I just came here to read and write.

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